What is Jumeez?

Jumeez is a website based on web search engines that present search results of a specific topic from thousands of websites on the internet. Because of web search techniques, Jumeez is not a limited website to specific countries.

Our goal - Our vision?

Presenting a radical solution for the difficult process of search for suitable property to the searcher by providing him with professional and smart tools that help in presenting results that match or nearly match the searcher’s need; by collecting the largest databases and property files and presenting them as offer requests from the famous property websites after reviewing and sorting them by Jumeez smart equations which will always present clear, expanded, and comprehensive information to compare all the offers in the local market in your country and region so that you could choose what fits your needs without falling as a victim to mistakes or poor planning.

Why Jumeez ?

By choosing Jumeez as your favorite website of searching for properties, you are choosing speed, easiness, and uniqueness of results. As by your first search on Jumeez website, you will notice that there are a lot of options and features that make the process of reaching your goal a very simple process. Jumeez teamwork is keen on improving the project by international standards, not only with regard to designs but also, basically, with regard to the benefit of users. The information on Jumeez website is daily updated to ensure that you will find all of properties you need in a single website. Once you start searching on Jumeez, you will find out that it have the largest and most comprehensive database on the internet. “Speed – Accuracy – Easiness”; If these three words represent what you are looking for, there is no doubt that Jumeez will be your first choice!

How does jumeez work ?

Jumeez works by web-search-engines system. The search system on Jumeez uses smart programs that search for all properties on the internet, match it with what you are looking for, and present you various results arranged according to the extent of matching with your needs. Thus, Jumeez is a website that contains thousand of websites, that's why it is larger than the largest property website in the Middle East.

What is the Geographical area covered by Jumeez search engine?

Jumeez is an international search engine project that covers all countries all over the world. But in the current level, Jumeez focuses on the Arab world, specially, Egypt, Gulf countries, and other countries. The aim of directing the focus on specific countries is to present ideal and manifold results that may reach the constructive map within the street.

Shall I have an account on Gomez website to benefit from it?

No, anyone of the website visitors can get its basic benefits without signing up. But, if you are one of the real estate market followers, or want to get additional options that casual visitors can’t get, such as saving search results and notifications, you will need to sign up to get this additional features.

What is the cost of using Jumeez website?

Nothing, Jumeez presents its services to users for free.

What do proposed alternatives mean in the search process?

The internal system of Jumeez is based on complicated programs and accurate arithmetic operations that allow suggesting properties in near regions in case of lack of properties in your search region. You can use this feature to extend your options and to compare between the different regions.

What are the standards of presenting proposed alternatives?

The internal system of Jumeez is based on complicated programs and accurate arithmetic operations that allow arranging a priority table to present proposed alternatives according to priority importance. For example, the alternative property across the street has priority more than the alternative property in the next street. You can arrange this table according to city, sector, region, street, property type, etc.

What is the percentage of the information accuracy?

Our main aim in Jumeez is to present featured and accurate services. Thus, our team is concerning with developing search programs, observing, and filtering results by latest technologies and human administration to ensure that you have the best data. Thus, the first priority of our search on Jumeez is Accuracy.

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